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3 Tips for Creating Unique Custom Networking Name Badges

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Networking events are the perfect way to meet potential clients, meet fellow business associates and enhance your understanding of local competition. However it’s not uncommon for people to fall into the trap of not wearing name badges and failing to use this opportunity to market themselves. By not wearing a name badge, you have dramatically reduced the chances of someone randomly walking up to you and introducing themselves, because they may have no idea who you are or whether they want to talk to you. Creating your own custom badges is a great approach to take when marketing yourself as a unique and interesting individual. Here a 3 different ideas you can use when designing your own name badge or creating them for a networking event you are organizing. 1. Dry Wipe Name Badges This is perfect if you are organising an event and wish to reuse your name badges. When individuals enter the room or hall, have a pile of wipe board badges on a table along with a selection of different coloured pens. People will instantly be drawn to a colour that reflects their personality and enjoy creating their own design. Whilst writing your name is a simple task, some people will enjoy being a little more creative. 2.  Magnetic Pins Allowing people to bring their own business cards and use them as name badges is a great idea. Have a pile of magnetic pins on a table. As guests enter the room ask them to write their name on their business card and attach it to their chest using the magnetic pins. This will allow them to display their own logos and designs as well as contact details, whilst allowing other people to establish who they wish to network with. Be sure to encourage people to write their names on the cards in big letters as contact information is often too small. For those with colourful business cards or lacking in space, have some blank cards available as well.  3.  Custom Plastic Name Badge Having a custom engraved name badge is a great investment. It shows attention to detail and allows you to demonstrate your professionalism, especially when other people are wearing temporary stick-on name badges drawn on in pen. A simple design is best to ensure people can read your name and see your company logo, should you choose to display it.  Try some of these different methods to see whether they work for you. These simple tips will allow you to market and promote yourself with minimal effort, allowing you to concentrate on networking and selling yourself as a person and a potential business...

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Three Important Basics You Get With A Live Answering Service

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If you’re just about to open a business in which you may often receive phone calls after hours that may need to be returned the same day, or you want calls processed during your lunch hour, you should contract with a live answering service. But as this is the first time you are dealing with this type of company, here are some of the important services you can expect to receive. Message Service — When you hire a live answering service, any calls you receive after hours or while you are at lunch are answered by a human being. This person will answer the phone using whatever specific way you answer your regular calls and is able to take messages if the call isn’t urgent, transfer the call directly to you or someone else you have designated as a responder, or take the caller’s number with the promise that someone will return the call within a few minutes. You decide what type of call deserves an immediate callback and what type of call is not urgent enough for your immediate attention. However, most live answering service companies will send you a text on all non-urgent calls to inform you that a client, patient or customer called so that you can decide if you want to call them back. Virtual Receptionist Service — If you don’t want to pay for a standard receptionist who sits at your office all day and processes incoming calls, you can hire a live answering service to do the job at a fraction of the cost. Virtual receptionists answer your phones as if they were actually sitting at your workplace,and they can direct calls to you or other staff members without callers knowing that the person they just spoke with doesn’t work at your office. The way it works is that your office number is diverted to the live answering service the moment a call comes in, then everything works the same way once the phone is answered. Call Overflow Service — Call overflow is a service offered by live answering companies in which they will answer calls when your normal lines are tied up with incoming calls. This prevents a customer, patient or client from hearing a busy signal, and lets you handle as many calls as possible during your workday without leaving callers stranded or sending them to voicemail. The live answering service operator can take a message, transfer the call or send you a text informing you that someone is on the...

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Educating the public about your higher education facility

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If you run a higher education facility, it’s important to communicate about the work you do to ensure that you continue to get support from the public and government, attract corporate sponsorship and get a maximum level of student applications. Here are some ways that a public relations agency can help you to communicate your contribution to the community. The public and government Government support is often aided by the impression that your work is not purely academic but helps with the wider community. Broad public support ensures continued government funding for higher education placements. You can communicate broad points about how many public sector workers work in directly public faced fields such as teachers, nurses and police officers. A public relations agency can help tell the story of the students who study at your institutions and alumni through profiles in the mainstream media and advertising on public transport and bus shelters. Corporate sponsorship Gaining corporate sponsorships is an ongoing goal of many higher education facilities. Corporate sponsors like to be mentioned frequently, so come up with ways to permanently link their name with positive aspects of the university’s mission, such as research chairs or naming rights on new facilities. Ideally, you should find opportunities that match up with the broader missions of the company, such as engineering research for mining companies, or medical research for pharmaceuticals. The webpages, and social media presence, of an esteemed higher education facility is a great asset to bring to the attention of corporate donors. A public relations agency can help put together a communications plan that links your corporate sponsors with your web presence in a positive and mutually beneficial way. Attracting students Students are influenced as much by the community and school spirit of a higher education facility as academic results (although their parents are usually happy to know about the academic standing of the facilities.) A public relations agency can help you to run focused and attractive blogs and social media profiles demonstrating both the day-to-day student life on campus as well as showing the achievements of non-academic clubs like the sports clubs and performance groups. These can help to attract students by showing the breadth of experience available to students at your facility. A public relations agency can help to focus your promotion efforts and ensure that you are targeting the relevant groups and getting traction with your promotional efforts. Make a call to see how using a public relations agency like Ethical Strategies Pty Ltd could enhance your promotional...

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